Xit Suh, of his real name, Seo Chul Gu, is a South Korean rapper known for participating in Show Me The Money 4 and 5.

At the age of 27, he released his first EP "COSTUMES" in 2018. He also appeared on Jay Park's famous song "Cha Cha Cypher" alongside Giriboy, Vasco, DJ Wegun, or G2.

With several featuring at his bow, during the SMTM period, Xit Suh is known for being very talented in freestyle but also known for being very fair play. That's what cost him his place in the 4 smtm season.

Back two years after his first EP "COSTUMES," with sometimes electronic tones, sometimes hip-hop, and including featuring with renowned artists like Crucial Star, Xit Suh has been back since August 13, 2020 with his first album "Spill."

Album with different tones from his first opus, since we find a little emo-rap style in this album. In the title track "Shadow," we discover Xit Suh softer than usual. With rather sad love words, Xit Suh gives voice on this title to the good old soft electronic tones.

This opus probably marks the artist's renewal, which gives the impression of having been reborn through this album. Xit Suh, in addition to being talented, is a very versatile artist who never ceases to be reborn and evolves. An artist who's not afraid to try new things.



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