SURL (설) is a South Korean indie-rock band that debuted in 2018.This talented group composed of four high school friends, with different tastes and talents, managed to create their own musical color. You will meet four authentic artists : vocalist and guitarist SEOL Hoseung, guitarist KIM Doyeon and drummer OH Myeongseok.

To the group, SURL means “group that can tell stories” and they do so nicely. Their music incites feelings of melancholy and nostalgia yet also has a feeling of intimacy and youthfulness. All of these feelings are displayed with strong influences of blues and british-rock.

The group has competed in many music contests by which they have attracted a lot of attention.They debuted in 2018 after winning the Shihan Rookie Project with their single “Stay Here”.They also received support from artists such as BTS’ RM, who recommended their song “눈” (snow) which subsequently exposed the band to a much larger audience.

For their latest ep “Don't say no” released last August, the band took a much more experimental approach, including a collaboration with singer Jay Park. They explored a new world, with additions of RnB and rap influences. It’s a total perfect match with the solo guitar. This title song is followed by a B-side called “Silence” which gives more hard rock vibes. The title track tells the story of a person who struggles to honestly say what they want, while "Silence" expands on why the person doesn’t want to talk.

SURL continues to explore their musical potential and share beautiful and meaningful stories. So stay tuned !





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