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Yeo is a Malaysian-Australian musician living in Melbourne, who writes and produces his own songs. With pop and R&B intonations, his style stays soft and sweet to the ears. 

Young prodigy, Yeo has been playing music since his childhood. «When I was five years old,I wanted to play the piano,so my mother bought me a small keyboard. She promised me if I practiced hard that I could have a piano one day. I did my best and when I turned seven, my parents bought me an upright piano! I wasn’t sure what kind of career I wanted until I realised in high school that I was bad at everything except for music. so here I am now, still making music.» 

Influenced by alternative R&B and DIY culture, Yeo’s universe is unique and of an absolute smoothness.  He then explained how he defines his music, and by whom he is the mostinfluenced: «I would define my music as a mix of pop and alternative R&B. There are some experimental electronic sounds there too. When I made Recovery Channel, I was listening to a lot of Bryson Tiller, SZA, Joji, Whitney Houston and Kehlani. I try to stick to my own style though. There are no trap hats on this album».

Lead us to say that Yeo has good taste and it shows in his productions. 

Recently, he released his new LP “Recovery Channel” and entrusted MIA with how this new project was born: «Over the last two years, I have made a big effort to recover from physical, mental and emotional setbacks. I wrote this album about death in the family, racism, love, making mistakes and letting things go. Sometimes I was hurt by others and sometimes I hurt myself. This is the documentation of my journey.»

“Recovery Channel”, this name invites to relaxation, taking time for oneself and healing from our daily  ailments. If you had a bad day,you will probably feel like going home, headphones on, and disconnect yourself from reality, and this is what Yeo is here for : «Yes, your description is perfect! This is the exact reason I called it Recovery Channel–for people to listen, relax, and repair. I want to share my experiences and emotions to help people feel better about their life. It’s not a party album, it’s a chill album with a subtle story line and a couple of nice surprises.»

Released first on MIA, “Six Years” music video seems to be about a love relationship. Yeo confided that there are actually two meanings behind this title: «This song has a dual meaning. Firstly, it’s a story about when I hung out with an ex-girlfriend overseas after not seeing her for six years, and our chemistry instantly returned. It was very surprising and dramatic, but also lots of fun. Secondly, it is about how I get tired of music sometimes, but I always fall back in love with it when my personal life turns into a dumpster fire.»



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OPEN TALK: YEO: L'équipe
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