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Goopy is a young rising South-Korean singer in the music industry. His first EP «24» has been released and the artist seems filled with promise. «I’m not trying to put myself in any boxes of styles» he tells us while we get the opportunity to interview him.  

Although making a room for himself in the industry, Goopy finally achieved his childhood’s dream and entrusted few words to MIA «I’ve always really enjoyed humming and singing since I was a kid. Music has been a big part of my childhood and youth. I tried really hard to attain a music career in school, but I didn't have the opportunity to start. My musical career started rather slowly and naturally.»  

It might be difficult to describe his music through a genre since himself doesn't categorize it which makes it unique. Goopy’s music is an invitation to sweetness as he says : «I believe that there are freedom and comfort in my music. It might seem like a boring or obvious answer. But, those two words accurately described who I am. Most of the inspiration of my songs come from my personal story or my imaginations. I’ve always tried to be the best while, I have aimed to be relax rather than be perfect. I don’t want to put limits on my musical experiments. I’m not trying to put myself in any boxes of styles; instead i want to challenge myself with new things. I tell the stories of how I feel and what I think in every piece of my music.»  

We let ourselves imagine into winter evenings staying by the fire-late, a plaid covering knees and comfort brought by his music. 

Also you could for food lovers, listening to his music while eating some chocolate. Goopy himself a gourmet has let us know his second huge love after music : food. «I like to eat. Whenever I am feeling overwhelmed with stress, I would start to eat without thinking. One time, I ate seven packs of snacks in one sitting. I would be running a cereal bar If I weren't doing music.»  

We can’t agree more on this ! 

Latest 28th November, Goopy released his first EP «24». A personal project as it sounds as the path of all his life. «I wanted to write in my history in the album ’24’ is not a profound title. I am now 24 years old and every song in this album was written during this year, I wanted to make my life story a part of the album.»  

Featuring Punchnello and Jooyoung in this EP, songs pierce us with sweetness and different tones which is why it would be a bit complicated to choose one among all. However Goopy pick up a song, that to him stands out from the other «‘I do’ with Punchnello is my favourite song in this album. I imagined what I would do if I only had one day left to live. I thought about my wishes and wrote about feeling in that situation. The reason why I picked this song is because it represents me the best among the 6 tracks in this album.»  

This first project is promising and his story mixed with soft tones must leaves no one indifferent. 
At least, not MIA. 

When we asked him where he would see himself in ten years, Goopy admits he’d like to work into a more balanced environment than his current: «Hopefully I’ll still be making new music and getting it to reach more people. Also, I want to work in a stable environment. Because, I am living with unsteady heart in now.» 



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