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Maddox is a South Korean solo singer and composer under KQ Entertainment. Recently a contestant for the AOMG "Sign Here" television program, he revealed himself to the public. MIA had the opportunity to interview him last December for the release of his new single "Color Blind".

1. How would you describe your musical universe? Where do you get your musical influence from?  
You can say that my musical universal comes from 'making songs with meaningful messages behind it.' Before, I usually get my musical influences from talking with others and from what I see in my daily life, but now a lot of ideas pop up in my head while spacing out.  

2. This summer, you had the chance to make the first part of the new big group of kpop Ateez, in Melbourne, where you were very well received. How did you experience this event? Did you expect such a good reception?  
First of all, I would like to thank all the Melbourne fans. It was my first time being on a stage outside of Korea and fans cheered me up continuously throughout my performance. In fact, I was actually a little worried and nervous to go up to perform but once I got up on the stage and saw the fans cheering me on, I was able to perform a lot better than I thought.  

3. You also recently participated in the new “Sign Here” program from the AOMG label, where you went to the final, Congratulations! What do you remember from this experience? What lesson did you learn from it?  
Thank you! When I usually work on my music, I tend to become heavily focused to the point where my deadline gets delayed often. However, on “Sign Here,” since you have to make a song in about 1-2 weeks, I’ve definitely learned to adjust to that system as well. Also, it was my first time writing Korean lyrics and it was one of the most difficult task that I’ve definitely learned from as well.  

4. To talk about your work now, your single “Color Blind” is coming out on December 20, congratulations. Can you tell us a little bit more about this one? What is it talking about?  
We live in a world filled with a lot of interesting and addictive things. A lot of people including me, try to find happiness and fullness in the things that won’t last forever, especially money. In fact, I had a period in my life where I used to live for money and it was definitely a miserable time. This song is about losing sight of the true happiness and trying to fill one self with eternal happiness. 

5. What have been your ideas and inspirations while working on this single ? 
I actually started writing this song without a story. Starting from verse 1, I just wrote about what I wanted to say and as I continued to write the lyrics it came about what is it right now.  Especially, from the middle part of the song, I was able to clarify the contents of the song through prayers and wisdom from God.  

6. Can we expect an album to be released soon ? 
For sure. I’m just starting on a new album and I hope I can release it soon with no delay.  

7. From now on, what would be your biggest wish regarding your career ? 
As of now, I want to get my name out there so I can convey my message to more people in this world.  

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