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We are always hiring new buddies to join the team. Are you the one we are looking for ? 

Translator : 

You have to speak French and English. If you have skills in another language, please let us know ! 

By being a translator in our team, you will have to translate or correct all of our articles. 

Copywriter : 

Whatever is your mother tongue, if you speak fluently in English, if you have skills in writing and if you are passionate about Asian culture, you are welcome ! 

Graphic designer : 

Are you  fluent in French or English ? Do you have great skills in graphic design ? Then we are looking for you to help us in the design of our different issues. 

Communication HR : 

This is a job with high responsibilities. So if you are not afraid, you might be interested about the position.

With the founder and head of public relations, you will have to contact some artists, agencies to program an interview, a photoshoot or even booking a rendez-vous. You have the magazine's notoriety in your hand. Of course, you have to speak in English (Asian languages are a big plus).

Tell us more about your motivation

Thank you for your interest ! We will contact you as soon as possible.

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