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1.Could you introduce yourself? What can you tell us about yourself?

Hi, I’m Syn, a South-Korean singer-songwriter who debuted with EP (Butterflies.) this January.


2.What brought you into music? What is your musical background?

Since my house was a church house I grew up with music every week at church.

Whenever I went to church I praised at the Children's Choir and since then I became interested in music.


3.Who do you think is the greatest female artist, an artist who has inspired you and who continues to inspire you?

There are lot of female artists out there so it is too difficult to pick only one but if I need pick only one, I could say Beyoncé.


4.What do you particularly like about her?

First, being able to stand at the top of a field for more than 20 years is not just a talent itself, but a tremendous effort. I know there is tremendous effort behind her perfect look on stage. Also, I think it's great to steadily raise voices about women's human rights, to use their influence to do good on those in need and I want to resemble them too.


5.Do you think it's harder to make a name for yourself in the business by being a woman?

I still don't know how it feels because I'm not deeply involved in this industry but I'm seeing many female artists feel that the standard of society is more strict to female artists to announce their names. I hope many women artists, including myself, will come out of social standards and express them freely.


6.Tell us about your EP “Butterflies.”. This EP is a perfect mix between English and Korean with some soft R & B / Soul tones and take us directly into your universe. What is it about?

This album contains the images I wanted to hide from people. My shameful appearance, my bisexual appearance, my heart who hurts and more. It's true that I always wanted to be seen as an imposing and wonderful person but my music only captures those aspects of me with the thought that I wish I could touch someone's heart. Unlike the appearance that I can see I wanted to express my unfamiliar figures with music without talking. So that I can know who I am without talking to me.


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