We already knew Kid Milli and Giriboy as confirmed rappers but did you know that both of them owned a clothing brand? And it was for Wonder Wall that the two artists collaborated together to create a unique collaboration collection.


Launched on May 9th, in 2020 and based on the theme ‘SAY WHAT YOU LIKE’, this collection is a part of the first ‘Wonder Wall Art Lab’ project from/by the online art education platform Wonder Wall. This collaborative capsule carries a thematic awareness: the active search for what you like.


In the trailer published before the release of the collection, Giriboy and Kid Milli directly convey the meaning of this collection, saying: ‘Make pretty clothes, although I am not a fashion major’ or also ‘Everything as I added my love for music to my love for clothes.’ The two artists actively participated in the production process of the collection.


The I4P x NDC collaborative collection, which consists of t-shirts, hoodies, raincoats, sweatpants, etc., was sold exclusively in limited quantities on the Wonder Wall Art Lab page.


The second version of the I4P x collaborative collection Not disclosed via 'Wonder Wall Art Lab' held on May 15. In the second version, some of the first and new items were sold together.


What is Wonder Wall?

Wonder Wall is a South Korean educational platform in the artistic field. Working in collaboration with various artists, you can follow different lessons, given online, on various artistic fields such as, music production, piano, violin, acting, singing and writing, rap, photography. , etc.


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