GagaOOLala is a Taipei-based streaming platform entirely dedicated to the queer community created by the company Portico Média, also co-founder of Taiwan International Queer Film Festival where hundreds of LGBTQ+ movies are available. ‘Gaga’ and ‘Lala’ are both chinese slang terms which mean ‘gay’ and ‘lesbian’. ‘OO’ seems to come from ‘ou’ in french (‘or’ in english).

As Asia is still being very arbitrary about homosexuality and gender issues, the queer community is hugely erased and subject to strong restrictions in many Asian countries. In 2019 on May, 24th, Taiwan was the first country to legalize gay marriage. GagaOOLala then occurs as a glimmer of hope and as an identity platform within the community. 

LGBTQ+ movies from all over the world are available and the platform aims to offer many independent Asian movies. You can find hundreds of gay, lesbian, transgender and other films and series from China, Taiwan, South Korea, Thailand etc.

But that's not all, the platform also offers many independent documentaries on the queer community from different countries as well as TV shows.

You can discover the long list of films and documentaries on the GagaOOLala website. A free streaming section is available but if you want to watch the best content of the platform, VIP access is available for slightly over 6 euros a month.



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